The 80s have inspired a lot of wonderful costumes and matching 80s accessories. If you're old enough to remember the 80s then you remember the parachute pants, mini skirts, feathered hair, and neon. You also remember the hair bands of the late part of the decade, with their makeup and glam styles. The 80s also featured the rise of hip hop and its styles. Thanks to MTV, music stars in the 80s got more visual exposure than ever and pop stars like Madonna were heavy influences on the styles of the day. Lots of period costumes and accessories feature bright neon colors, fishnet and mesh, and lace. Legwarmers were big then, and so were mini skirts and petticoats—all in bright neon, of course.

80 80's Neon Fishnet Glove Set $2.99 In Stock
80 80's Lace Headband with Bow $3.97 In Stock
80 80's Pink and Green Tee Shirt Clips $2.97 In Stock
Green Makeup Tube - 80s - accessories-makeup Green Makeup Tube $1.99 In Stock
80s Neon Earrings and Necklace Set - 80s - accessories-makeup 80s Neon Earrings and Necklace Set $7.99 In Stock
80s Plastic Beaded Necklaces - 80s - accessories-makeup 80s Plastic Beaded Necklaces $5.97 In Stock
Zomboyz Red Guitar - Inflatable - 80s - accessories-makeup Zomboyz Red Guitar - Inflatable $5.97 In Stock
Neon Blue Leg Warmers - 80s - accessories-makeup Neon Blue Leg Warmers $5.97 In Stock
Black Leg Warmers - 80s - accessories-makeup Black Leg Warmers $7.49 In Stock
Gold Big Link Neck Chain - 80s - accessories-makeup Gold Big Link Neck Chain $8.97 In Stock
Red Tulle Adult Tutu - 80s - accessories-makeup Red Tulle Adult Tutu $11.99 In Stock
80s Plastic Beaded Bracelets - 80s - accessories-makeup 80s Plastic Beaded Bracelets $3.97 In Stock
3 Neon Belts - 80s - accessories-makeup 3 Neon Belts $9.99 In Stock
Black Lace Anklet with Ruffle Socks Adult  - 80s - accessories-makeup Black Lace Anklet with Ruffle Socks Adult $3.99 In Stock
80 80's Black Lace Cycling Shorts $12.99 In Stock
Neon Rhinestone Glasses - 80s - accessories-makeup Neon Rhinestone Glasses $6.97 In Stock
Yellow Gloves Adult - 80s - accessories-makeup Yellow Gloves Adult $3.99 In Stock
Faux Hair Extensions Pink - 80s - accessories-makeup Faux Hair Extensions Pink $2.99 In Stock
Green Gloves Adult - 80s - accessories-makeup Green Gloves Adult $3.99 In Stock
Black Leg Warmers - 80s - accessories-makeup Black Leg Warmers $4.99 In Stock
80 80's Pink Neon Footless Leggings $5.97 In Stock
80 80's Inflatable Silver Guitar $4.97 In Stock
The Li The Li'l Gangsta Hat With Dreads $22.97 In Stock
80 80's White and Black Zebra Pants $14.99 In Stock
80s Chic Accessory Kit - 80s - accessories-makeup 80s Chic Accessory Kit $6.99 In Stock
Adult Punk Vest - 80s - accessories-makeup Adult Punk Vest $13.97 In Stock
Baby Pink Leg Warmers - 80s - accessories-makeup Baby Pink Leg Warmers $7.49 In Stock
Eighties Pink Sunglasses - 80s - accessories-makeup Eighties Pink Sunglasses $3.99 In Stock

This decade saw rap and hip hop develop into a musical force as popular and influential as any other. Fashion trends that came from this musical style included street clothes, track suits, baggy clothing, and lots of big gold jewelry. When dressing as a rap star, be sure to pick up accessories like gold chains and an inflatable boom box.

Hair bands were huge in the late 1980s. Known for their hard rock and pop sounds, flamboyant outfits, and big big hair, these bands were very popular into the early 90s. Accentuate your hair band costume with a big wig and spiked or chain accessories. You can even carry a big inflatable guitar so you look ready to rock

Whatever your preference for the 80s—pop, rock, or hip hop—there are costumes and accessories to help you create the perfect outfit. Accessorize today.

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