Men's boots are a costume accessory that shouldn't be overlooked. While not important for many costumes, for others the right footwear is essential. If you are dressing in a costume that just wouldn't look right with sneakers, be sure to check out our boots and boot covers. Boot covers are an inexpensive way to get the look of a boot. These leather-like tops fit over your own pair of black shoes and make them look like boots. They cover the tops of the shoes and extend up your leg. In some cases, your shoe is a part of the look and should be a close match to the covers.

Santa Boots with Faux Fur Adult - boots-men - accessories-makeup Santa Boots with Faux Fur Adult $42.99 In Stock
Pirate Boot Cover - boots-men - accessories-makeup Pirate Boot Cover $13.97 In Stock
Professional Santa Boots Adult - boots-men - accessories-makeup Professional Santa Boots Adult $67.97 In Stock
Spider Man Men Spider Man Men's Boot Covers $4.99 Out of Stock
Red Super Hero Boot Men - boots-men - accessories-makeup Red Super Hero Boot Men $44.99 In Stock
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Tall Pirate Boots Adult - boots-men - accessories-makeup Tall Pirate Boots Adult $49.99 In Stock
Black Buccaneer Boot Child - boots-men - accessories-makeup Black Buccaneer Boot Child $34.99 In Stock
Indian Boot Covers - boots-men - accessories-makeup Indian Boot Covers $19.99 In Stock
Adult Darth Buckled Boot - boots-men - accessories-makeup Adult Darth Buckled Boot $56.99 In Stock
Black Monster Boot Men Black Monster Boot Men's $64.99 In Stock
Captain Jack Adult Men Captain Jack Adult Men's Pirate Boot Covers $13.97 Out of Stock
Deluxe Vinyl Boot Tops - boots-men - accessories-makeup Deluxe Vinyl Boot Tops $10.99 In Stock
Men Men's Jack Pirate Boot $79.99 In Stock

In other cases your shoes are covered entirely. Boot covers are available in pirate, cowboy, superhero, and other styles. They're perfect for a costume you are only going to wear once. A higher end costume, however, deserves a full boot. Whether you're dressing in a period costume like a Medieval, pirate, or cowboy outfit or wearing a superhero, monster, rock star, or Santa suit, the right pair of boots can really make the costume. You'll really look the part and your costume will perfect from head to toe.

Don't forget about your feet. When you pick out a costume, decide if it will require matching footwear. If so, check out the boots and boot covers. You'll want the perfect pair to make your costume complete.

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