Your family can go as its own tribe this Halloween with our selection of Native American costumes, but don't leave the smallest member behind! Our baby and toddler Indian costumes are great for Thanksgiving or Halloween. We've decked these items out with lots of fringe and beads, so your child will be ready for a fun pow-wow!

A large variety of tribes with different traditions and languages make up the larger group that we know as American Indians. Key historical figures like Pocahontas, Sacagawea, and Squanto were a major reason that European settlers were able to survive. Sacagawea and Squanto, in particular, helped to interpret for early settlers and taught them crucial skills like how to navigate through the landscape and cultivate the land. The country we know today would not have existed without their help, and it's important that children learn about the peoples who lived in America long before any others.

Share this history with your child from the time that he or she is very young to instill in them knowledge about our long history. These outfits are great for your toddler's historic school play or for a Halloween costume. You can also have some of the kids dress up in these American Indian costumes and others as the Pilgrims during your Thanksgiving Day meal to teach them about the history of the first Thanksgiving. Any way you approach it, our Indian costumes for babies and toddlers are fun for dressing up and are a fantastic way to teach history!

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