Do you want your daughter to learn about the history behind why we eat yummy turkey on Thanksgiving? There's no better way of doing it than by letting her dress up in one of our girls' Thanksgiving costumes! These items let girls reenact the historical event that helped to shape America and get them imagining what it would've been like to live back then! Thanksgiving celebrates a day when Pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts sat down to give thanks for a good harvest with their Native American friends.

The many obstacles that Pilgrims had to face after coming to America in the 1600s made it extremely difficult for them to survive, so they were particularly thankful to have made it through this first harvest season. They were only able to do so with the help of the Native Americans like Squanto who taught them how to farm the land.

It's crucial that our children know the history of this holiday because it helps them understand how our country was formed and about all the people who made it possible. They'll be able to appreciate this even more when they dress up in one of our Thanksgiving costumes and make history come to life! If your daughter has a Thanksgiving play coming up or simply wants to dress up as a Pilgrim or Native American during Thanksgiving dinner, our girl's Thanksgiving costumes can help you pull it off! Place your order soon, and let the history reenactment begin!

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