The dalmation costume is one particular one that gets tons of attention at parties. Pair yourself with a woman dressed all in fur and you'll have a costume theme that will win you both top prize. The dog costumes are made to be comfortable, even though dressing up from head to toe may seem like it would get hot. They are made of a material that is strong and durable but not too thick. You'll enjoy many fun hours in costume before needing to take it off.

You will surely be an integral part of all activities when you arrive in costume. If you've got a party animal personality, then a dog mascot costume is exactly what you'll need to make your night.

Paws down, these are without a doubt the most popular mascot costumes around. The Dog Mascot costumes transform a simple birthday party into an unforgettable celebration, and costume party into a legend friends will talk about for years. Dogs are man's friend, so of course a dog costume will be well-received at any social gathering. These full-body costumes come with professionally designed head masks to immerse yourself in the experience. These costumes are not for the casual costumer who only dresses up on Halloween, these are meant for someone who loves to play characters and have a great time. Our selection features some cute dog breeds that the child in everyone will squeal over.

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