A popular insect is the bee, which is featured here. The costume is comprised of black and white horizontal stripes across the torso, and the costumes zips up in the back in order to keep it from being a distraction. This outfit would be perfect for stage productions and promotional events involving honey. Other than parties, these costumes are great for professional work, where appropriate.

Indulge your desire for costuming that reaches a new level of dedication. These aren't your standard shirt and mask combinations that only give the illusion of disguise. Become the real thing with one of these insect costumes or as real as a human-sized insect could look.

Family and friends will be buzzing around you when you arrive at the Halloween party dressed in one of our many Insect Mascot costumes. These larger than life versions of popular critters are designed to appeal to others. They have a cartoon-like charm to them that will certainly be inviting at any party situation and most any event appropriate to wear these kind of costumes at. Each costume is designed to the highest standards, in order to maintain their utility over an extended period of time. They also come prefabricated in order to cover you entirely when wearing them because immersion is very important with these outfits. Gloves, boot covers, and a sturdy mask are all included with each insect costume available in this collection.

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