Burn up the dance floor in a groovy plus size disco costume for adult! 70s outfits and accessories are an excellent option for a decade theme or Halloween party. Disco was one of the biggest musical movements of the seventies and it brought with it some seriously sweet fashion trends. Take a look at movies and TV shows like Saturday Night Fever and Hair for outfit inspiration.

Disco music developed its own unique dance style that fueled some of the fashions of the period. Men's disco dancer outfits usually consisted of sparkling button up shirts, bell bottom pants, and platform shoes. A leisure suit was another option for disco dancing. An afro wig or feathered hair style was another common look for disco dudes. Women's disco outfits include flowing skirts in gold and black fabrics.

Clothes make the man, but accessories will really take you back to the 70s. Dress up your look with disco accessories like disco ball jewelry, aviator glasses, and platform shoes. Other seventies items like peace sign accessories can help expand your options. For a more musical vibe you can add props like tambourines, microphones or guitars.

Disco is the signature groove of the seventies. Go back to the 1970s with disco costumes that will light up the dance floor!

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