Drinking costumes are a great option for grown-up parties. A plus size beer outfit or festival costume can be a ton of fun for holidays and special occasions. Drinking alcohol can be a fun part of socializing at adult parties. St. Patrick's Day, Oktoberfest, and other cultural festivals focus specifically on drinking socially. You can be the life of the party at an event that makes adult beverages a part of the night's events in a plus size beer girl costume or drinking outfit.

Funny styles are a great option for drinking parties. A Dr. Shots outfit pairs work with play. you can give your party guests a shot of their favorite drink in a prop syringe for a playful way to serve up refreshments. Exaggerated designs of typical drinking costume designs can also add a bit of humor to your look. An over-the-top bar maid dress is great for a humorous beer festival outfit. Beer or liquor itself can be part of your costume. If drinking is already a part of the festivities, serve up drinks with a side of fun. A bottle of your favorite spirits will make your ensemble a favorite of everyone else at the party!

Drink responsibly and dress awesomely in one of these alcohol costumes for adults!

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