Support our troops with a plus size military costume for adults. You might not want to enlist, but you can still experience the thrill of military life with army and Navy outfits and props. U.S. soldiers have been the focal point of hundreds of popular films and stories like Top Gun, South Pacific, Saving Private Ryan, and Full Metal Jacket. Salute our men and women in uniform with a fun sailor suit or Army fatigues of your own.

Women have served in combat rolls for years, but you don't have to follow dress codes when you're a civilian! Create something cute and feminine with Navy inspirations this Halloween. Our Sexy sailor dresses feature naval accessories like sailor hats, anchor jewelry and ribbons. High heels and stockings can add to the femininity of your outfit. Look for sea or ocean accessories in white, blue, or red to match your Navy outfit.

For a more accurate representation of military designs, look for Air Force jumpsuits, Army camouflage, or other military uniforms. You might as well promote yourself to the top of command if you are picking out your own look. Aviator glasses, bar medals, and tactical belts can create a seasoned veteran look. Men's plus size outfits can be even more fun with added toy guns, badges, and Army accessories.

Join up with Uncle Sam today for a military costume on Halloween!

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