Do you like hanging with the bad boys? No one is more bad than a gangster, and no one will be hotter on Halloween than you when you wear one of our women's sexy gangster costumes! The 1920s were a time when jazz and booze were all the rage and when the Mafia ruled the streets of New York City and Chicago. The mobsters of this time were some of the coolest, baddest criminals of all time, and the chicks who hung around them were equally so. This decade was a time of excitement and danger, and there's undoubtedly something sexy about that!

You can embody the sexy, powerful look of a mobster chick on Halloween with our sexy gangster costumes for ladies. Mafia ladies are so seductive because they're a true femme fatale. What makes these costumes even sexier are how masculine they are which make them all the more alluring since they show off a woman's curves! Our selection features a variety of outfits most of which are short pinstriped dresses. Want to be the ultimate bad girl boss? Then you can also go with one of our pimp outfits which are made up of coats that open up for a peek of skin!

Each of our women's sexy gangster costumes comes with different items, but you can always add accessories like garters, gloves, and pin striped hats to your order. These items will help you to customize this bad ass look to fit your personal style!

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