At your next Halloween celebration or other occasion to dress up, enforce the rules of sports in one of our flirtatious and sexy referee costumes. A woman in authority has irresistible sex appeal and for a sports lover, a ref is the ultimate authority. Whether you are dressing for a party or the Superbowl, you will look sensational in our attire. A ref is the neutral authority in a number of sports, including boxing, hockey and football, who presides over the game and enforces the rules. During your costume party, take charge for the evening.

The referee look is well known so even the non sports fan will know that you are the one in charge. Or you can command your next Superbowl party in one of our sensual black and white outfits.For the flirtatious woman looking for a way to district your man during football season, our garb can get you some cheap thrills! It will be difficult for him to keep his eye on the ball when you are in the room. When dressed like a ref, you are in charge and the one who makes the final call. If he commits a fowl or misconduct, you can send him to the penalty box. But you'll have more fun out on the field holding the ball.

If you are looking to find an electrifying attire, it's not a hard decision. Choose of one several styles, make the call and order a sexy referee costume from us today!

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