Every get invited to a Christmas party that you know people will be dressed up for? You don't want to wear a costume but you don't want to look like a Scrooge and show up without any Christmas cheer? Well fear no more, we have a great selection of Christmas Hats that will have you looking in the spirit with little effort in no time! We understand that dressing up in a full out Santa costume takes a commitment of money and time so if you'd like to skip that and wear something small, simple and still look good, you've come to the right place. We carry a wide variety of all different hats for men, women and children to enjoy!

Christmas Elf Hat - hats - christmas Christmas Elf Hat $2.99 In Stock
Soft Touch Reindeer Antlers - hats - christmas Soft Touch Reindeer Antlers $3.99 In Stock
Santa Hat - hats - christmas Santa Hat $4.97 In Stock
Felt Elf Hat w/bells - hats - christmas Felt Elf Hat w/bells $4.97 In Stock
Adult Toy Soldier Hat - hats - christmas Adult Toy Soldier Hat $15.97 In Stock
Adult Plush Santa Hat with Beard and Moustache - hats - christmas Adult Plush Santa Hat with Beard and Moustache $7.97 In Stock
Rudolph Antler Set - hats - christmas Rudolph Antler Set $5.97 In Stock
Santa Hat- Antlers - hats - christmas Santa Hat- Antlers $2.97 In Stock
Santa Chimney Hat Adult - hats - christmas Santa Chimney Hat Adult $12.99 In Stock
Grinch Hat with Beard - hats - christmas Grinch Hat with Beard $24.99 In Stock
Plush and Velvet Santa Hat - hats - christmas Plush and Velvet Santa Hat $7.99 In Stock
Santa Hat with Shot Glasses - hats - christmas Santa Hat with Shot Glasses $8.97 In Stock
Red Chapeau Strudel Hat - hats - christmas Red Chapeau Strudel Hat $17.97 In Stock
Adult Santa Springy Headband - hats - christmas Adult Santa Springy Headband $7.97 Out of Stock
Child Plush Santa Hat - hats - christmas Child Plush Santa Hat $2.97 Out of Stock
Regal Santa Hat - hats - christmas Regal Santa Hat $2.97 Out of Stock
Elf Hat in Green and Red - hats - christmas Elf Hat in Green and Red $6.97 Out of Stock
Menorah Hat - hats - christmas Menorah Hat $26.99 Out of Stock
Brown Antler Headband - hats - christmas Brown Antler Headband $5.99 Out of Stock
Plush Swirl Santa Hat - hats - christmas Plush Swirl Santa Hat $5.99 Out of Stock
Snowman Kit - Adult - hats - christmas Snowman Kit - Adult $10.97 Out of Stock
Santa Hat - Promotional - hats - christmas Santa Hat - Promotional $1.49 Out of Stock
Sequin Santa Hat with Fur Trim - hats - christmas Sequin Santa Hat with Fur Trim $17.99 Out of Stock

The most common hat you see on Christmas is by far the Santa hat. We have a number of different Santa hats that range from traditional to ones you've probably never even seen before! For example, some of our Santa hats are wired so they take a weird shape at the top while another is a spiral spring that sits atop your head. We even have one for adults that feature shot glasses around the white fur! As you can see, you can show up to the party in a unique hat that will grab everyone's attention!

Other Christmas hats include drum major hats for the little drummer boy, reindeer headbands that have antlers and Santa hats with white dreads, for the Rastafarian Santa! You'll find whatever hat you're looking for so be sure to get it today before they're all gone!

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