Props & Decorations

Halloween brings innocent horror to life as music and decorations heighten our senses to the thrill around us. An animated witch cackles as you walk by and a fog machine thickens the air and covers you in a light mist. Halloween just isn't as scary without terrifying decoration and props. Embellishing your home with spirits like skeletons, ghosts, and tombstones is fun and gets you in the mood for the excitement and terror of Halloween. 





Along with the bats hanging from the ceiling and the jack-o-lanterns lining the porch, one of the best Halloween touches is a good scary soundtrack. Scary music is the icing on the cake of chilling props that raise the hair on the back of your neck. Fog machines and strobe lights add to the array of music making you feel as if you are a character in a scary movie. Decorative spider webs can be scattered throughout your home as well as your porch and yard. Spooky ornaments are a great way to show neighbors you are in the mood for Halloween fun and welcome trick-or-treaters to your door. 

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