Celebrate this joyous religious holiday with one of these fun Purim costumes for kids or adults. Purim is a Jewish holiday celebrating the deliverance of the Jews from persecution by the Persian king. The holiday is celebrated with costumes, feasting, and the telling of the Purim spiel (play). This celebration is so much fun, it is sometimes referred to as the Jewish Mardi Gras since it often lines up with the Christian Lent and Fat Tuesday. The story of Purim tells of Queen Esther and her cousin Mordecai's attempts to save the Jewish people from extermination at the hands of the evil advisor to the king, Haman. In addition to watching the Purim spiel, the holiday is also celebrated with traditional Hamantaschen cookies and drinking until you can't tell the difference between the good Mordecai and the evil Haman!

Masquerading is also a big part of this religious holiday. In addition to any Purim costumes you might need to put on a play at your synagogue, you can also dress up for the holiday with traditional outfits. Kid's religious costumes like shepherds and historic robes and tunics. For the Purim play, use items like our kid's queen and princess dresses, Renaissance outfits, and king robes. Accessories like crowns, turbans, and swords can help the audience distinguish the characters in the story.

Dress up for all the fun of the holiday in a Purim costume with accessories!